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John Glover 833-497-4005 www.johnmglover.com
Gibson Governor 877-738-4766 www.gibsongovernor.com
Governor Insurance 330-539-9999 www.governorins.com
Pet Biz Insurance  877-273-8249 www.petbizinsurance.com
Choice Plus Insurance 888-695-1127 www.choiceplusis.com
Mobile Groomer Financing Contact us for our current list of lenders
Ryans Pet Supply 800-525-7387 RyansPet.com
Nature's Specialties 800-551-SOAP naturesspecialtiesmfg.com
Espree   www.espree.com
Groomer's Helper 609-822-2920 www.groomershelper.com

Pet Lift Poducts

Kim Laube Co 800-451-1355 www.kimlaubeco.com
The Groomers Lounge   The Groomers Lounge™...Dog Groomers Online
PetGroomer   www.petgroomer.com
K9 Magazine   www.K9magazine.com
Westminster Kennel Club   www.westminterkennelclub.org
Stella's   www.usedgroomingvans.com
ASPCA   www.aspca.org
Vet Click  


Puppy Finder   www.puppyfinder.com
Terrific Pets All things for pets www.terrificpets.com
Dogster   www.dogster.com
Dog Breeds   www.onlydogbreeds.com
Grooming Video Clips Dog Grooming Basics
    Expert Village
    Grooming with Diana-Pomeranian
    Grooming with Diana-Persian Cat Comb Out
    Grooming the Lhasa
    How to Shampoo a Dog
    How to Rinse a Dog
    How to Towel Dry a Dog
    Blow Dry Brushing a Dog
    Learn to Speak Dog
    "Cleaning Basics for Pets and Humans in the Home"
    "Grooming Your Dog"
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