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Each Gryphon Mobile Grooming Salon is a self contained "Shop on Wheels".   Even at the base price it includes everything you need and fully equipped to be able to groom the day you receive it.  But some people like choices so we offer the widest selection of optional equipment to make sure your salon is just the way you want it.

All options are available for our Standard And Siberian Husky Salons. 

Most, but not all, are available for the Labradoodle, Mini & Mutt Salons

Prices are subject to change until a purchase agreement has been signed.

Due to the vagaries of business stock and availability "Standard equipment" and "optional equipment" can be switched out at our discretion for replacement parts similar in cost and function or eliminated if deemed superfluous.

Price is prior to choice of generator.

Graphics and shipping require additional charges.

Shipping arranged with 3rd party providers and can cause delays outside of our control.

Now an even greater value! 

$3,000 worth of upgrades are included with each Standard trailer:

48" Aluminum cabinet with 3 drawers, Stainless Counter Top & 48" Upper Cabinet, $1,650 value

Walls, Ceiling and Mechanical Area come fully insulated, $750 value

Kool Air Variable Speed Dryer fully integrated, $350 value

Camper Style Door w/Screen, $500 value

All Trailer Tires now come with NitroFill

  NitroFill will:

   *Increase tire life up to 30%

   *Improve Fuel Economy

   *Reduce the chance of tire failure up to 50%

   *Improves braking and handling

   *Reduces wheel corrosion

   *Reduces running tire temperature

   *Maintains proper tire pressure


*Gryphon Trailers does not expressly recommend, service or warranty any brand or model of generator  

DuroMax 10K Watt Elec. Start Generator-dual fuel

DuroMax 12K Watt Elec. Start Generator

6600 W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator

Honda EU7000is Inverter Generator


Big Green Dog Inverter Set up 5000 Watt

4 Batteries
 4000 & 2500 Watt Double Set up
6 batteries

8,000 BTU Wall Mounted AC

$400 Value
10,000 BTU Wall Mounted AC Upgrade
12,000 BTU Wall Mounted AC Upgrade
9,200 BTU Roof Mounted AC Upgrade
13,000 BTU Carrier Low Profile Roof AC Upgrade
Professional 4' SS Tub w/Door  Included
$1,500 Value
Full 5' Ceramic Coated Steel Tub Upgrade
18" Cabinet with Counter (next to Stainless Tub) Upgrade
Paw Brothers 60" Stainless Steel Tub Upgrade
PetLift Aqua Quest Walk inTub 48" Upgrade
PetLift Aqua Quest Walk inTub 58" Upgrade
Flying Pig 62" SS Tub w/door  Upgrade
48' Aluminum Base Cabinet Included w/6x12
W/ Stainless Counter top Included
And 48' Aluminum Upper Cabinet Included
$1,500 Value
Altro Trans Floor Meta Charcoal Transit Flooring Included
$1500 Value
durable single sheet rubber floor for buses or trains
With Choice
 of Colors
 Triple Ply Walls and  R-7 Insulation  (Not Mutt)           Included
$750 Value 
Closed Cell insulation & Floor Air Gap throughout


32" Camper Style Door (Not Mutt) Included
Two 2' x 2' Louvered Vent for rear doors Upgrade
RV Pump 3.3 Gal/Min water flow Included
RV Pump 5.5 GPM flow with high capacity hoses Upgrade

Not  Avail.

Kool Dry Variable Speed Force Dryer Included     
$400 Value
K9II Variable Speed Force Dryer
 Additional 39 Gallons Fresh Water  each
49 Gallon Fresh Water Tank each
Custom 75-80 Gallon Fresh/Gray Water Tank each
Custom 100 Gallon Water Tank each
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Table Included
$400 Value
Paw Brothers Electric Easy Lift Table Upgrade
Comfort Groom Accordion or Z-Base Elec. Table Upgrade
Comfort Groom  Elec. table w/Bellows Upgrade
  Electric Table Upgrade
Fan-Tastic Powered Roof Vent Upgrade
Maxx Air Turbo/Maxx Rainproof 3 speed roof vent Upgrade
ATWOOD HD Electric Power Jack w/12V Battery Upgrade
Groomer's Helper Professional Restraint System Upgrade
Porta Potti Included
$200  Value
Olympian Wave3 Catalytic Heater 3,000 Btu's Included
Olympian Wave6 Catalytic Heater 9,000 Btu's Upgrade
Prima Encore Bathing System Upgrade
Gryphon Super Soaper Bathing System Uprade

Options available for other components like dryer, table, colors etc. Just ask us!

Premium 16 Gauge Stainless Steel 48" Professional Hand Crafted Grooming Tub

 One Piece Construction of basin.  Brushed Finish. U Bolt for Securing Animal Restraints

Introductory Upgrade Price of only $1,000 ($1600 value) 


48" Wide 1/2" ThickPolyEthylene Professional Grooming Tub

 One Piece Construction of basin.  2 Restraint Bars

Introductory Upgrade Price of only $1,400 ($2000 value) 


"The Hybrid Solar Dog"

"Dogs clipped and cleaned by the Sun"

Portable Solar Powered Plug & Play Generator


Smart Affordable Solar Power is finally available in a easy to setup system-Can be used for any Mobile Unit
No Noise, No Gas, No Exhaust, No Maintenance, Easy to Use

Image getting your power to groom from the sun.
You can with The Hybrid Solar Dog: Solar Powered Generator

2000 watt continuous                                   1000 Watt Inverter Generator for back up recharge

4000 watt max                                          No Venting Required. 

Includes 4 Solar Panels                                No Noise or Fumes

Includes 4 AGM 12v100ah Batteries                   Maintenance Free

Pure Sine Wave Inverter                                Charges via Solar, Generator or 120v outlet in 90 minutes

Super High Efficenct Bosch Solar Panels             Heavy Duty Pure Copper Transformer for starting pumps and heavy loads

Introductory Price: $7,999  - Currently Out of Stock 

Upgraded Cabinets Available


     28" Tool Cart        42" Tool Cart        24" 7 Drawer Cabinet     30" Cabinet w/18" Base 

            $750                      $1,000                         $2,000                                $2,500       


48 Gallon Half Moon Water Tanks

$200/tank or $350 for two


Optional Camper Style Door with flush lock, screen & pull out step.

$750 upgrade. Sale price of $600.

Standard is the side entry door with flush lock, bar lock and pull out step.

Now Available For The Standard Trailer:

European Style Spa Soaking Tubs



Want to charge your customer's more?  Provide your clients a luxurious spa bath in one of these Modern Free Standing or Clawfoot Bathtubs.

   Made of High Quality Acrylic with steel support structure these tubs are timeless in design style and elegance. 

   They include a bonus Heavy Chrome Plated Faucet, $500 value. 

Your choice of tub- Only $3,000.  Introductory Sale price of $1,500

(Coming soon - Jetted Massage Panel)


BlackAluminum Wheels

$125 per tire

Now available:


European Non Skid Riubber Flooring


Variable Speed Control for Dryer
Up to 15 Amp capacity

Only $40


Trailer Aligning Kit
2 Piece kit that makes aligning your tow vehicle a breeze

Only $20



Designed right/priced right

We include all the extras that will help you be a successful mobile groomer are included in our package. We worked out the kinks so you don't have to.

Each trailer also includes the following for the standard price:

  • 30 amp locking plug
  • 30 Amp to 15 amp extion cord adapter




Email:  joe@gryphontrailers.com







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