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Pet Economy

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The $60 Billion Pet Industry is growing and services have been growing over 7% per year.*  Good times or bad times it doesn't matter. Pet owners in the US continue to spend on their pets even when they sacrifice on themselves.    

* According to Packaged Facts 201-2012 Pet Market Outlook Report

The amount people spend on grooming their pets is projected to grow over 8% a year for the next 5 years!*

* According to Sundale Research 2011

Even in a struggling economy pet services are up 6% this year

* According to Packaged Facts 201-2012 Pet Market Outlook Report


Even charging as little as $35-$40 (the very low end of pricing) per groom can earn you well over $4,000 per month with mobile grooming and over 80% of mobile groomers are still in business after 3 years.

*According to the US Grooming Price Survey 2009 - Mobile Groomers by PetGroomer.com - PetGroomer Survey

Mobile Grooming is the most affordable way to get into a real business with the lowest overhead.  If you are stuck with a large van payment your labor from the first 30+ dogs goes to making a payment.  With an affordable trailer much, much more of your earnings drop straight into your pocket.  (most Gryphon owners have paid themselves back for their trailer costs within the first year)


Designed by a Mobile Groomer these trailers are light, easy to maneuver and built to last for the long haul.  We are the only conversion company that give you exterior warm water bathing capabilities with every unit. Big dogs-Small dogs, Cold weather-Hot weather:  It is never a problem. 

From a recent customer:

"I currently have been in business since September of 2007 and have your competitor's bus. Quite frankly the ridiculous overhead and issues I've had with it have led me to researching truck & trailer options for the past year. Now I'm ready to make the change.  From what I'm seeing the truck & trailer are much more reasonable on all fronts; price, gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.  I spent $90,000 for my rig and could  acquire at least 2 trucks & 2 trailers for the same price."


Mobile pet grooming is both a personally and financially rewarding career. For a very small investment, you can be in control of your own hours, your own paycheck, and LOVE what you do every day! It's time for you to join thousands of others in the mobile pet grooming business, making a good living spending time with pets all day!

Here are just a few of the advantages of mobile pet grooming as a career…

  • Freedom to set your own schedule and be your own boss.
  • Flexibility to run your business the way you want to - you can have a career that allows you to balance your personal life and business, too.
  • Exciting and growing industry - Be a part of the ever-growing pet industry and profit from offering a quality professional service with added convenience.
  • Low overhead and expenses - With a Gryphon Mobile Spa, there is no rent or utilities to pay, and product costs are low.
  • High margin services - Mobile grooming is a specialty service with added convenience that customers are willing to pay a premium for.
  • Earning potential - Because the overhead and ongoing expenses are low, and the profit margins are high, the earning potential for mobile groomers is great.
  • Residual business - Pets need grooming on a regular basis! Once you build a client base you will profit from repeat business with little or no additional advertising.
  • Low start-up cost - There are no franchise or territory fees to pay when you start your grooming business with Gryphon Trailers.
  • Quick start-up time - because we stock trailer shells we can have your custom Gryphon Trailer ready in 4 weeks.

You can buy a van for $70,000 and you still need to own a personal vehicle.

Or for $70,000 you can own a Gryphon Traier, pull it with this:

And you still get to use the Mercedes when you disconnect from the trailer


Mobile Grooming vs. Groom Shop: 

With a shop you have rent, utilities, insurance, maintenance, property taxes, fees, build out costs, advertising and sometimes you even have to share your profits with the landlord.  You also need to have a set schedule and then be open for certain hours.  With a mobile grooming business you have fuel costs, insurance (which you need for your vehicle anyway) and vehicle repair costs.  Each and every day you are in business with a mobile you will only have a fraction of the costs as compared to a shop and a flexible work schedule too.

Grooming Trailer vs. Grooming Van:

When you consider taking your pet grooming business on the road, you have two choices for your mobile pet salon: grooming trailer or grooming van. Here are some things to think about when choosing your groom mobile…

    * Price - The biggest difference between a grooming trailer and a grooming van is the price. Grooming vans are typically more expensive than grooming trailers, have higher monthly payments and also require more maintenance. Like any other vehicle that has an engine, grooming vans often require costly repairs, too.

    * Down Time - When a grooming van needs engine work or maintenance, your mobile grooming business grinds to a halt. With no mobile salon, you will miss out on the work (and profits!) you had scheduled for days and possibly even weeks! With a grooming trailer, you do not experience this down time. If your towing vehicle needs maintenance, you simply can hook your trailer up to another vehicle and continue to service your clients and keep your business running.

    * Flexibility - Grooming trailers allow you to unhook from your towing vehicle so you can use your car, truck or SUV for other personal life matters. No need to show up at the theatre or fancy restaurant in your grooming salon! Although we encourage groomers to use their mobile salon as an effective advertising tool, there will undoubtedly be times and places that it’s not appropriate or convenient for you to arrive in your mobile grooming trailer! Using a grooming trailer for your mobile rig allows you to decide when you take your mobile salon, and when you leave it parked at home.

    * Mileage - Grooming trailers don’t have odometers, and therefore don’t accumulate mileage like grooming vans. Thus, grooming trailers do not depreciate as quickly over time like grooming vans do.

    * Insurance - Grooming trailers are typically less expensive to insure than a grooming van.


A Little On The Pet Industry:

‘For the Dogs’ Has a Whole New Meaning

NY Times article

Americans spent a record $55 billion on their pets, according to the market research firm Packaged Facts, more than the gross domestic product of Belarus.

THE pet industry has long considered itself recession-resilient, and it proved just that during the recent downturn, despite some bumps along the way and analysts say the pet industry will continue to rebound.

“Our perspective is that, thankfully, we are in a pretty emotional category,”

ABOUT 62 percent of American households have a pet, with dogs accounting for 40 percent of the total.

Happiness is a warm dog (or cat), experts say

Asia One article

Medical researchers and psychologists recommend adopting a companion animal. The ability to express one's feelings of caring, such as for a pet, creates a sense of lightness in a person.  Pets are credited not only for dispelling loneliness, but also for lifting their owners out of the blues.

An Australian study discovered that those who owned an animal had lower blood pressure and lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as a reduced likelihood of developing heart disease than those who did not have a pet. In addition, the study observed that these risks were still lower despite the pet owners' consumption of above average amounts of meat and fast food.

Another study of heart attack victims in the US noted those who were pet owners usually survived another year longer than those who did not own an animal.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

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The Original Hound Dog:

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I don't like Spiders & Snakes:

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Cool video to go with a golden oldie

"My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to 99 cents a can. That's almost $7.00 in dog money." - Joe Weinstein

The Divinity of Dogs

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Join the hundreds and hundreds of successful

and happy Gryphon Owners.

Some recent customer comments:

Hi Joe, wow, its been a while since we last spoke. Since I got my trailer
last year, it has been awesome. I love it and wish I had bought it sooner,
and everyone that sees it thinks it is great. Thanks for all your help,

Margie Walberg

Hi Joe,
Just wanted to let you know that you build a great trailer!

Cindy Thomas.

Hi Joe!

Just wanted to say thanks again for my trailer. I love it already and I am going to put it through the motions with my own dog today and then I'm on the road for a full day on Thursday!

So far, getting it into Canada has been simple and I'd be glad to help anyone out that wants more details about the importation into Canada!

Thanks again! I'll send you a photo when I get the graphics on it!

Kate Belbeck


Hi Joe,
I am finally getting back to you. I want to let you know that the trailer was really worth the wait. As soon as everything was ready, Feb. 3rd, I hit the ground running and haven't stopped. My little town is so excited about me and my service that I haven't had one day without work. I am already booked at one month in advance. I couldn't ask for anything more.

My trailer is awesome! Wherever I am parked, people stop by to see the trailer.

It is so nice to work for myself. I am having so much fun that I can't believe that I'm actually getting paid to do this.

Thank you so much for all of your help and patience.

Kathy Young


Hey Joe: got my trailer a couple days ago. Very well put together and thought out!! I am really happy with it, thanks again. I'm already bombarded with phone calls for work. I look forward to ordering another trailer from you hopefully very soon. Thanks again for such a great trailer

Sincerely, Amie Dow, BC Canada

Dear Joe
We just got the trailer and we are amazed.

It is SO pretty & cute, you guys did a GREAT job.

Thanks Joe for everything, your patience & help.

I pray and hope our business will doing better so we can buy the next one from Gryphon. We love the design and the size is perfect.

God bless you, your business and all people that work with you. ><>:


Lina Low
Cool Dog Spa


HEy Joe, we've recieved the trailer. WoW, love it. thanks again for all the help you've given us. we'll call Saturday and we can go threw the trailer over the phone with you. Brent has to work till Saturday, he's very excited to see it also and he's working everyday till then. im very very happy with our choice of using Gryphon , cant wait to get started. thanks again buddy, Tom Snell



Today Karen got her trailer set up to do business on Water Island in the Virgin Islands!   Everyt   hing is working and it looks great. We put it next to where our house is being built and as you can see in the pictures view is great. She plans on having a "Yappy Hour" party with wine, cheese and biscuits for the dogs to get things started. We are both working hard and things are moving along on the house front. We should get electric on Tuesday and footings and steel begin on next Monday so get ready to pack your bags the guest room will be ready soon.

Hope all is well,
Karen & Joe


I just want to sent my greatest appreication to you & your family for traveling all the way here from N.C. to Maryland to drop off my new trailer. I'm more than happy with it and I would HIGHLY recommed you to other mobile groomers, if anyone asks. (Including Jackie) ha ha ha.

My trailer is perfect for me, I'm glad I have it, THANK YOU JOE!!

Again my BIGGEST THANK YOU.. to you and Your wonderful family!



Hi Joe:

Lucky Dog is doing extremely well right off the bat! Michelle had only one
day without any appointments since we opened for business. Mobile was
definitely the way to go.

Curious, as it gets warmer. Can the A/C run while the hi velocity dryer is
running? Both with the generator and plug-in?

Thank you,

Andrew & Michelle Cicarella

Answer: With a Gryphon Grooming Trailer you can run the A/C and the Dryer at the same time, even if it is plugged in to a landline!


Hi Joe
Thanks so much for bringing the trailer to us last Saturday. We love it!!!!! The service you have provided us has been the best and we would recommend you and the trailer to others.

Lorrie & Mike Horan

I bought my Gryphon trailer back in September of 2006. Not only did Joe go out of his way to make it just the way I wanted, but he hauled it to the expo in Hershey so it was closer for me to pick up. He has always gone to great lengths to help answer any questions and solve any problems I has. Joe also over nighted me a plug that I had lost at no cost to me. I love my trailer and highly recommend Joe. Everything was as promised and then some. Joe also gave me some much needed business advice.

Lisa Carroll
Diamond in the Ruff Mobile Grooming


Just wanted to thank you again for my trailer, I love it! I have my first appointments tomorrow, hopefully all will go well! I'll let you know. See you at Intergroom!

-Bridget Sullivan

I just wanted to share with you, some positive feed back I received on the quality of you trailer conversion.
I had the owner, salespeople and the mechanics all looking at the conversion aspect of the trailer, and ALL were quite impressed with your work.  I just wanted to share that with you.  If you ever have anyone on the fence whether they should buy from you, I am more than happy to recommend a Grypnon.
Kevin Trimble



I wanted to let you know how nice the trailer ia and how much Lisa is enjoying it. She has put her graphics on 3 sides of the trailer and it really looks good. If anyone in our area is interested in one of your trailers feel free to let them know they can come buy and look at Lisa's.

Thanks again,

Larry Nixon


Other "Dog" music videos:

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Who let the Dogs out?

Email:  Joe@gryphontrailers.com





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