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Why We Paint The Ceilings Sky Blue

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There was an article written a few years ago about taking a holistic approach to dog grooming. It talked about how you should design and set up your workspace all with the idea of making it less stressful for the animals and also for the groomer.

They mentioned how an animal is less stressed if they can remain at their home or on their property. They emphasized how you should keep your clients from other strange and loud barking dogs and not caged up or ever tranquilized. They also talked about creating an atmosphere of being in the great outdoors.

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With our design we tried to take all of this into account. Hence the Sky Blue colored roof. We paint the ceilings sky blue to get that outdoor feeling. This creates a happier environment or the groomer who then is less inclined to pass on that anxiety to the dog. We use a huge 4 foot wide window by the grooming table so that the animal can look into their yard (and you don’t have to stare at a white wall all day). This way the animal does not have the stress of leaving their property or riding in a car.

These animals are treated specially in a protected environment. We pamper them at their homes so they never have to feel like they went somewhere unknown or unsafe.

Of course we will paint the ceiling any color you prefer.

Joseph S. Virag

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Entrepreneurial and result-oriented with the ability to assist a growing company or start-up operation create and execute their business plan. Skills and diverse background encompass operations and general management, P&L, startups, strategic planning, e-commerce, marketing, new product development and project management.

Masters Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree: University of New Haven

Professional Experience
Gryphon Enterprises Incorporated, Ridgefield, CT

• Created multiple products from concept to market
• Virag Enterprises Incorporated, Ossining, NY Vice President, Operations / General Manager
• Directed all P&L functions of market dominant retailer
• Created budgets, forecasted revenue and managed cash flow
• Planned and implemented marketing strategy


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