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Dive into the vibrant world of the pet industry by exploring these valuable resources. From grooming insights at The Groomers Lounge to canine enthusiasts at Westminster Kennel Club, this collection of links opens doors to a wealth of information and community connections.

Whether you’re a pet professional or an avid pet lover, these websites offer a treasure trove of knowledge and camaraderie. Browse through, stay informed, and get involved in the diverse facets of the pet world.







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Industry Links:

The Groomers Lounge
The Groomers Lounge™…Dog Groomers Online


K9 Magazine

Westminster Kennel Club



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Puppy Finder

Terrific Pets
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Dog Breeds

Grooming Video
Dog Grooming Basics

Expert Village

Grooming with Diana
Persian Cat Comb Out

Grooming the Lhasa
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How to Shampoo a Dog
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How to Rinse a Dog
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How to Towel Dry a Dog
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Learn to Speak Dog
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“Cleaning Basics for Pets and Humans in the Home”
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“Grooming Your Dog”
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